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  •  The Pioneer of Viscosity Controller 

     For customers further prosperity in the future, VISCON group have been keeping on
      developing viscosity controller under the slogan of  ”Catch the Future” .
      Also now we are continuing to do R&D for the future.
      “ Washing is very troublesome. ”  
      “ Breakdown and repairing often happen. ”
      Most of users have always felt the above things about viscosity controller for a long time.
                                                                                             ( Ref. to  : User’ Dissatisfaction )
      VISCON Group earnestly work on these users dissatisfaction and problems, we could clarify
      3 big cause of Breakdown of viscosity controller, based on our long time rich experience of
      Production / Sales / Repairing.                               ( Ref. to  : 3 Big cause of breakdown )
      As the result of our R&D,  
                                           Easy Washing !!
                                           Reduce Breakdown !!
                                           Easy Maintenance !!
      VISCON Group succeed in developing “ 2nd Generation Viscosity Controller”  which come true
      the above 3 features.
      VISCON Group, as The Pioneer of Viscosity Controller, equipped “2nd Generation Viscosity
      Controller” with Japanese Patent technology and new design first in the industry. 
    1  Auto “TURBO WASH” washing system              ( PAT.P.  Japan 2017-30290 )
    2  Self-Suction type Smart Lubrication system          ( PAT.P.  Japan 2017-52226 )
    3  Anti-ink dirty protection design                            
    4  Easy Maintenance                                                 
            Easy Pump detach/attach
            Easy Electric room maintenance
    5  Solvent tank                                                                
            VISCON Standard equipment : 16 L Stainless Steel Solvent tank 


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    VISCON viscosity controller is making use of characteristics of diaphragm pump.

    If liquid viscosity increase, pulsation of diaphragm decrease.

    If liquid viscosity decrease, pulsation of diaphragm pump increase. 






    Flow of Viscosity control


    Pic. A 

       1.Circulate target desired viscosity ink.

       2.Pressure switch check pulsation of diaphragm pump of viscosity controller. 

              Pulsation is converted to cup second. Converted cup second is displayed as viscosity value 

              on counter.

              Pic. A                                                    Viscosity value 15.5

                                                                                 Set value         15.5 




    Pic. B

       3.During gravure printing and coating, viscosity increase 0.1 cup second.

       4.Pic. B                                                    Viscosity value 15.6 

                                                                                 Set value         15.5 




    Pic. C

       5.Solvent supply (1 time or several times) 

       6.Pic. C                                                    Viscosity value 15.5 

                                                                                 Set value         15.5 


    Can keep target desired viscosity 15.5 cup second.


    Repeating above A → B → C → A, viscosity controller can keep maintaining 

    Target desired viscosity. 








    Viscosity increase  -  Gravure printing

            in  20 minutes        Viscosity increase  1 cup second    (Japan)

            in  10 minutes        Viscosity increase  1 cup second    (South East Asia)



    1. Red color area of above table

           a.  Waste of ink   (higher viscosity ink than target desired ink)

           b.  Create printing problems, such as doctor line, ink transfer, white dots etc.


    2. Blue color area of above table

           a.  Waste of solvent

           b.  Create problem, such as destroy ink structure.


    3.  If viscosity control done by manual, viscosity change happen from 3 to 7 cup second

         During gravure printing. ( refer to red color area and blue color are in above table.)

         It leads to color difference of printing.


    4.  If viscosity control by viscosity controller, viscosity can be controlled within ±1 cup

        second.   Color difference will not happen.


    5.  If use viscosity controller, users can save about 15% of ink consumption.

  • High precision

      Professional design and processing to ensure the high precision working, +/-1 Cup sec.


    High Durability

      Special Modification for Diaphragm Pump, Solenoid Valve, etc to ensure

      high precise  performance.


    Smart Lubrication system - Japan Patent. 

       Self-Suck auto lubrication system to ensure longer life of machine.


      Almost all lubrication pump of viscosity controller are not "Self-Suck" style.

      Not "Self-Suck " type lubrication pump can not suck refilled oil after empty.

      That is reason why steady lubrication could not be done to diaphragm pump.


      VISCON developed Smart lubrication pump is "Self-Suck" type pump.

      By this VISCON Smart lubrication pump, users can use viscosity controller

      more longer time in steady conditions.


    Stainless steel (SUS304) 16ltr solvent tank

      Almost all other viscosity controller has Plastic solvent tank.

      Plastic solvent tank is easy to be broken, also keep statics.

      To solve users’ long time headache, VISCON adopt stainless steel

      solvent tank.   Capacity is 16 ltr, this big volume of solvent tank

      make operator’s work less.  Good news for operator.


    Auto Turbo Wash system,Japan Patent. 

      Adopt latest technology for the complete effective cleaning.


      By Auto "TURBO WASH", users can reduce washing time less half. can reduce labor less half,

      and can increase washing effect 2 times.


    Anti- Dirty SUS machine body

      Strong machine body and easy cleaning.


    Prevention from Ink dirty

      Special protector in machine body to keep away from ink dirty.


    Explosion-Proof design

      For the safety production.


    Quick investment refund

      Within 8 months will get investment refund. Then this machine becomes

      profit center.


    Reliable and quick after sales service

      With professional agent service to ensure the production smoothly running.

      Our overseas agent can advice, educate, and repair in each local country.

      Not only selling, but helping is our VISCON Group concept.



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