About us

VISCON present Very Important Solutions CONtrol,


                   This is our VISCON Group corporate mission.

VISCON Group is organized by Viscon (Japan) Corporation,  Viscon (Shanghai) Printing Technology & Development Co.,Ltd. and Viscon (Hong Kong) Group Limited 


VISCON Group Professional supplys R&D、Manufacture、Sales and Service of Auto Viscosity Controller.

Viscon (Japan) Corporation- R&D, Parts manufacturing

Viscon (Shanghai) Printing Technology & Development Co.,Ltd- Assembly, China domestic sale

Viscon (Hong Kong) Group Limited- Overseas sales


VISCON Auto Viscosity Controller is widely used in Flexible packagingLamination and Coating, etc fields.

VISCON's customers are worldwide located in China、Korea、Thailand、Taiwan、Singapore、Malaysia、Philippine、Indonesia、India、Sri Lanka、Nepal、Saudi Arabia、UAE、Mexico、Chile, etc.


VISCON team with advanced designVery high products accuracy and reliability servicing global customer's Very Important Solutions Control.

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