”Doctor of Viscosity controller”     Mr. Naoki Itagaki   R&D  Manager  of  Viscon (Japan) Corporation

”Doctor of Viscosity controller” is his nick name by our customers.

He is Mr. Naoki Itagaki, R&D Manager of Viscon (Japan) Corporation, was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1971.  He has rich experience of viscosity controller R&D, Production and Repairing for 18 years.


Making the most use of his rich experience of viscosity controller, he pursuit the following

” More easy to use ”

” Less breakdown ”

” More convenient and easy to maintain ”

As the result of his pursuit, he developed VISCON patent technology as below.

Auto ”TURBO WASH” washing system           (PAT.No, Japan 6421093)

Self-Suction type Smart Lubrication syatem     (PAT.No, Japan 6363571)


In addition to the above latest patent technology,  he developed 

“ Accurate program of viscosity control “     

“ Anti-ink dirty protection design “               

“ Easy maintenance box “        


His rich experience of production and repairing over 4,000 units of viscosity controller made him succeed in R&D for patent technology and new design which are influencing Viscosity controller market in great degree.

Respecting his rich knowledge, technology and experience for not only VISCON, but also for other viscosity controllers, many overseas customers call him friendly “ Doctor of Viscosity Controller “.


Hobby   :   waching animation,  gourmet,  golf 

Motto   : Where there is a will, there is a way,

Mr. Naoki Itagali R&D Manager of Viscon (Japan) Corporation