The Pioneer of Viscosity Controller 


 For customers further prosperity in the future, VISCON group have been keeping on  developing viscosity controller under the slogan of  ”Catch the Future” .

  Also now we are continuing to do R&D for the future.


  “ Washing is very troublesome. ”  

  “ Breakdown and repairing often happen. ”


  Most of users have always felt the above things about viscosity controller for a long time.

                                                                                         ( Ref. to  : User’ Dissatisfaction )


  VISCON Group earnestly work on these users dissatisfaction and problems, we could clarify  3 big cause of Breakdown of viscosity controller, based on our long time rich experience of

  Production / Sales / Repairing.                               ( Ref. to  : 3 Big cause of breakdown )


  As the result of our R&D,  

                                       Easy Washing !!

                                       Reduce Breakdown !!

                                       Easy Maintenance !!


  VISCON Group succeed in developing “ 2nd Generation Viscosity Controller”  which come true  the above 3 features.


  VISCON Group, as The Pioneer of Viscosity Controller, equipped “2nd Generation Viscosity

  Controller” with Japanese Patent technology and new design first in the industry. 



1  Auto “TURBO WASH” washing system             ( PAT.No, Japan 6421093 )


2  Self-Suction type Smart Lubrication system         ( PAT.No, Japan 6363571 )


3  Anti-ink dirty protection design                     



4  Easy Maintenance                                                

        Easy Pump detach/attach

        Easy Electric room maintenance


5  Solvent tank                                                              

        VISCON Standard equipment : 16 L Stainless Steel Solvent tank